Teaching And Learning, State Apparatuses, And Social Reproduction

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Throughout this prospectus and study, there are numerous terms or concepts that will be used that have multiple definitions or unclear definitions. Thus, the following definitions will be identified to provide a clear and distinct understanding of the use of terminology that will be used throughout this prospectus and study. The following terms or concepts are defined: preservice teacher, ideology, beliefs about teaching and learning, state apparatuses, repressive state apparatus, ideological state apparatuses, and social reproduction. Preservice Teacher According to Kennedy (1999), a preservice teacher is a student that is currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program. Thus, “Preservice teacher education is.... located squarely between teachers’ past experiences as students in classrooms and their future experiences as teachers in classrooms”(p. 57). For this study, my population will be senior level preservice teachers. Thus, this population will be defined as students enrolled in their final year of a teacher preparation program and actively enrolled in a student teaching or field placement. College Entry Levels Enrolling in a college or university is done at different times in a student’s life. These different times are known as college entry levels. Due to my study focusing on three different college entry levels, the following levels are defined: traditional, traditional transfer, and non-traditional. Traditional students. Traditional students are students

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