Teaching And Learning Styles And Teaching

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‘Pedagogy’ is the term that is used to describe different practices of teaching and learning. Teaching Australia (2008) defined pedagogy as ‘the art and science of educating children, the strategies for using teacher professional knowledge, skills and abilities in order to foster good learning outcomes’ (p.3). Teaching and learning is a two-way process. Teachers choose the effective instruction modes to disseminate knowledge. Students adapt to different learning styles and use different learning strategies to help them process the information. When teachers receive evaluations and feedbacks from students, they revise, reconstruct and re-enact their teaching mode in order to match students’ learning styles. Teaching refers to different teaching approaches such as lecturing, practice drills, directed questioning, discussion, constructivism and problem solving. Marsh, Clarke and Pittaway (2015) mentioned that effective teachers are capable to use a wide range of instructional modes in teaching that reflects their flexibility in their teaching. Learning refers to the strategies that children used to assist their study and digest the new knowledge. Strategies to help learning are chunking, story-grammar training, self-questioning, summarization, mnemonic images and concept mapping. These methods are useful for the process of retention, which means the ways by which knowledge is retained in our memory for later retrieval (Mclnerney, 2015a). The first section of the essay will…
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