Teaching And School Should Not Be A Teacher

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When you think about teaching and the amount of work and school one must put into becoming a teacher, how can you argue that it is not a profession? All teachers must get a masters and pass rigorous tests to get their licensure as well as have the perfect personality to work with the children of their choice. Although not all teachers are held by the same regard as other professionals, they do have some if not all the same characteristics required to be a professional. To teach in a public school one must be certified and carrying a degree in the subject they are to teach. Considering this, teachers have a monopoly of services in public schools. However, most private schools do not require the same state licensure which causes the monopoly to weaken. In the year 2008 “1.4 percent of teachers were on waivers” (Parkay 62) due to a teacher shortage. An increase of out-of-field teaching is also weakening the monopoly of services along with people teaching how-to classes that they are not certified to teach. “Thus, teaching is the only profession that allows noncertified individuals to practice the profession” (Parkay 62). Teachers have a decent amount of autonomy, considering other professionals who must also answer to a higher authority. The door to a classroom closes off the teacher from the rest of the building. In the classroom the teacher has rein over how he teaches as long as he covers the state regulated content. Veteran teachers for example are not frequently observed
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