Teaching And Teaching : Effective Pedagogy

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In order to discuss what I have learnt so far about effective pedagogy in science, the term pedagogy needs to be defined and the associated processes understood.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines pedagogy as “The method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept” (Oxford dictionary of English, 2010). I interpret this to mean that effective pedagogy is the teaching of an academic subject carried out in a way that is effective for the individual learner to understand and grasp the knowledge being taught. A review from New Zealand found it hard to determine what is effective pedagogy generally. It suggested that effective pedagogy is influenced by the particular curriculum, assessments, social and learning outcome and objectives (Jones & Baker, 2012). This suggests the teacher plays the major role in fashioning effective pedagogy given a certain environment and it is their duty to strive to maintain this (Carr et al., 2000).

There are three main approaches to the processes of teaching; behaviourism, constructivism and social constructivism (Pollard et al., 2014). Behaviourism is a model by which the teacher is dominant and leads teaching by instructing the student while the student is passive in input (Pollard et al., 2014). This contrasts with constructivism and social constructivism, in which the student is actively engaged and learning is able to happen independent of teaching. Constructivism is a model by which the student is
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