Teaching And The Field Of Education

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Teaching and the field of education begins with a passion. After which, one should be able to see the commitment to education through the demonstration of achievement in their students. Growing up, I remember hearing stories from my parents on how the beginning of their careers in the field of education was a struggle. This was during a time of segregation and it wasn’t about the money, however, making sure they invested success in each student. Being paid $250.00 a month in the late 1960’s made them question if that was something they really wanted to do. However, the realized that there was one essential necessity and that was the commitment to being a successful teacher. While a teacher must be committed, they must also have a passion…show more content…
Being committed to a student’s learning means making a way when it seems there is no way, making time when in reality there may not be any time. Coming into school early and leaving late. Making sacrifices and investments to ensure proper gains and great returns. In order for a student to learn, they must feel safe. How do we create a safe learning environment for a student? To start, the classroom just be inviting, in order and clean. If you step back and really look at your classroom and see an area that tends to look distracting, it is important that the area is organized in a manner that will encourage the student to do their absolute best. Having all resources readily available, but in a safe area is important as well. Organizing the classroom to be sure that interaction and movement amongst the students is available and that teacher can easily supervise what is going on. Sometimes lessons cause for students to be active in their participation. As we know, this may not be an easy task, it gets loud and a bit rowdy. Being able to keep an eye on the students and monitor their behavior has a tendency to maintain order. Keep in mind that the safety of students goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Safety has to be exercised on the playground, in the hallways and the cafeteria. I think it is important that schools focus on adult supervision in all areas of the school and we
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