Teaching As A Profession? Essay

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1. Teaching as a Profession 1.What is a profession? (text book Ch 1 & 2) 2.Are early childhood teachers perceived as being a professional? 3.Standards, ethics and behaviour of a professional. PROFESSION The sociological approach to professionalism is one that views a profession as an organized group which is constantly interacting with the society that forms its matrix, which performs its social functions through a netywork of formal and informal relationships and which creates its own subculture requiring adjustments to it as a prerequisite for career success. ATTRIBUTES OF A PROFESSION Professionals occupy a position of great importance. In this society which is characterized by minute division of labor based upon technical specialization, you will discover that many important features of social organization are dependent upon professional functions. Professional activity is defin itely coming to play a predominant role in the life patterns of increasing numbers of individuals of both sexes, occccupying much of their walking moments, providing life goals, determining behavior and sharpening personality. It is no wonder, therefore that the phenomenon of professionalism has become an object of observation by sociologists. The provision of quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) has remained firmly on government agendas in recent years. Public awareness of gaps in provision and of insufficient quality in services has moved the issue of child care and after-school

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