Teaching As A Teacher And Student Work

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ELL students are children that are not proficient in English language. For teaching to be more efficient and effective, the teachers should know about the follows: As a teacher he/she needs to model for students what they are expected to do, especially for new skills or activities for the ELL students. Teachers should know their students cultural background and their academic level of the students. The teacher should demonstrate the learning actions, sharing your thinking processes aloud, and showing good teacher and student work samples. Teachers should speak slowly and clearly, and provide students with enough time to formulate their responses, whether in speaking or in writing. Teachers should also use visuals, sketches, gestures, intonation, and other non-verbal cues to make both language and content more accessible to students who are learning how to speak English. Teaching with visual representations of concepts can be hugely helpful to ELLs. Teachers should give verbal and written instruction which can help language learners practice how to speak English. Furthermore, teachers should regularly check for the students’ understanding the lesson by saying “Please put thumbs up or thumbs down” if the lesson is clear. Teachers should encourage English learner students to continue building their literacy skills in their home language because study show that English learners learning to read in the home to promote reading achievement in the second language.
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