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PROFESSIONAL DISCUSSION: TDA 2.8 health and safety 3.1) Outline the importance of taking a balanced approach to risk management. Children should be encouraged to think about risks and given more independence, so they are more likely to grow in confidence. If a child’s experiences is limited its likely that the child may find it difficult to assess and manage risks on their own .If we become to obsess about their health an safety, we may affect their learning development and abilities. Sometimes it’s good to offer them challenging environment for them to deal with risks under our observation also when a child sustain or witness injuries they gain direct experience of their action and choices. 4.1) Recognise and respond to emergency…show more content…
Its your responsibility to make sure every children your with leaves the building. All rooms must have evacuation instructions including exit routes. The sequence for fire and emergency evacuation procedures should be as follows: -sound the fire alarm-evacuate the building-call the fire brigade-assemble at the assembly point-take a roll call using register. Missing child: A register should be taken in each class starting of each session. A register also should be taken for children who are participating in outings/visits away from school leaving a duplicate with head teacher. Children should be made aware and reminded of boundaries of school. If a child is found missing in school contact the class teacher and head teacher immediately. Search the child’s last whereabouts, classrooms, play areas and school grounds to ensure that the child is not hiding or been locked in somewhere within the school. The head teacher should contact the police and the parent/carers. Evacuation: If there is a bomb scare or an intruder in the school, evacuation procedures would be usually be the same as fire. You should report any emergency problems to the class teacher. Where as visitors should always be asked to sign in and out in the visitors book and given a visitor badge so you know who’s a visitor and who’s a intruder and most of all you know there whereabouts in an emergency as you are responsible for there health an safety. 4.3) Give
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