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Deon Husher Level 3
Assignment 1
Question 1 Give examples of how you would plan activities. * Supporting the teacher by delivering and evaluating learning activities, in accordance with the curriculum frame work. * Prepare and organise activities based on age, needs and abilities of the individual pupil. * Follow all agreed plans directed by the teacher, following instruction on where and when they take place. * Liasing with the teacher before and after lessons and update records accordingly in regards to the children’s progress.

Question 2 Describe your role in delivering learning activities. * Prepare the learning environment based on the individual needs of the pupil/group, and provide the learning
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* Always follow guidelines provided by the school. * Allow access to the national curriculum framework. * Use the same strategies as the teacher. * Supervise and monitor pupil safety at all times. * Gain pupils trust and confidence. * Encourage participation and independent working to all pupils according to their age and abilities. * Listen to the pupil , use praise and encouragement . * Set up activities and provide appropriate materials. * Assist pupils to catch up on any missed work. * Always make sure work is named and dated. * Help younger children or pupils with physical disabilities get readt for PE lesson. * Check materials and equipment for safety. * Check pupils work and let them correct their own mistakes. * Read to a group or individual pupil and listen to them read. * Observe pupils progress during activity, pass over relevant information to the teacher. * Take notes whilst the teacher is talking. * Any admin duties directed by the teacher. * Repeat throughout the lesson instructions provided by the teacher. * Play games with the children, assist on computer learning programs. * Explain difficult words to the pupil and promote the use of dictionaries. * Ensure pupils listen and behave responsibly. * Assist with specialist equipment.

Question 5 Briefly describe the role of the teaching assistant in relation to
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