Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 8

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Discuss 5 factors that may affect number skills development. The first factor that may affect number skills development is national and community factors. A Country and community’s political, cultural, social and economic policies all contribute to the environment in which children develop. The success a country has in educating it’s children and producing a numerate population depends greatly on the country’s emphasis on the goal of numeracy for all, the resources it has available, and the mechanisms it has in place for providing effective programs and incentives that encourage number skills. The second factor is home factors. Certain characteristics in a home can create a climate that encourages children to experiment and explore…show more content…
The teaching assistant could give children opportunity to consolidate their learning by introducing frequent periods of practice they are short, sharp and focused on children securing the mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills they have learned. They should recognise how their learning builds on previous learning and help them to see connections. The fifth strategy the teaching assistant might use is special equipment and resources. The teaching assistant can provide tasks focused on using appropriate ICT, for example, spreadsheets, databases, geometry or graphic packages. Also using calculators correctly and efficiently, and make them aware of when it is not appropriate to use a particular form of technology. How can calculators help in the development of number skills? In mathematics, the calculator can be an effective teaching and learning resource. Calculators can be used with children in all age groups, pupils can use calculators to explore and enhance their understanding of mathematics. It is important that children become confident users of calculators. They should recognise that the calculator is a tool they are in control of and understand how it can help them to develop their mathematical skills. For pupils to use a calculator effectively requires a sound knowledge of number. As children learn how to enter simple one step calculations that involve whole numbers, they can explore
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