Teaching Care Plan Scenario And Treatment

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Teaching Care Plan Scenario 2 An older adult patient who lives alone is seen by her physician. During the visit, she mentions that she routinely switches or does not take her heart medication depending on how she feels that day. She says she does this because the medications are so expensive, they last longer that way. What teaching needs to be incorporated into the plan of care for this patient? Plan of Care Proposed for Selected Scenario Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge deficit of medication related to noncompliance and misinterpretation of her heart medication regimen. As evidenced by: Patient verbalizes that she takes or skips her heart medication depending on how she feels, to make them last longer (Ackley, & Ladwig, 2014). Outcome/Goals First goal: Patient will verbalize understanding of the importance of follow her heart medication regime as doctor prescribed it and describe the possible consequence of a non-compliance with her treatment by the end of her today’s appointment. Second goal: Patient, assisted by the social worker (MSW), will be able to identify, communicate by phone and utilize in her favor the community resources to obtain more information and/or support with the cost of her medication cost before her next doctor appointment, in three weeks. Interventions/ Rationales: 1a) SN to assess the patient and family learning needs, information needs and current level of knowledge about her medication treatment. Rationale: “The education needs of patients and
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