Teaching Care Plan for Perineal Care Essay

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Teaching Care Plan for Perineal Care Outline Title Introduction: I. Client Description A. Nursing Diagnosis; 1. Knowledge deficit related to episiotomy. 2. Risk for infection related to 2nd degree episiotomy. 3. At risk for pain related to the trauma to perineum, as manifested by client’s request for pain medication. B. Assessing the Readiness for Teaching; 1. Recovery from birth 2. Motivation 3. Previous knowledge 4. Experience 5. Cultural factors II. The Content of Teaching Plan; A. Nursing Diagnosis #1 (as stated under client description) B. Nursing Diagnosis #2 (as stated under client description) C. Nursing Diagnosis #3 (as stated under client description) III. Assessment of Teaching Plan IV. Conclusion…show more content…
I really encourage her to be straightforward with questions or concerns that she may have. Along with my teaching plan, I referred her to the postpartum floor’s telephone number. If she thought of any other questions that may arise when she goes home. I also told her not to be hesitant and call her doctor if she feels that something is not right. Client Description: K.C. is a 33year old white woman, who does appear to be her stated age. She is a wife and a mother of two other girls, not including the baby girl she just had. She is a high school graduate and a stay at home mom. Her husband is the sole provider for the family. She speaks highly about her two other children. The girls ages are 5 and 3. K.C. said that she could not wait to bring the new baby home to meet her two girls. She explained to me that she has been teaching them about their new sister, i.e. helping mommy change her diapers, getting her dress and bathing her. I was quite surprise to hear that she was teaching her daughters about caring for the new baby. This teaching is really going to benefit her children and herself (she now has two little helpers). It was mentioned that during her pre-natal visits, her daughters and her husband would come to most visits. If her husbands schedule permitted. K.C. mentioned that her physician was very helpful especially when she had
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