Teaching Career Early Childhood Education

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Teaching Career Early Childhood Tanya Borrego San Jacinto Community College Professor Gilmore EDUC 1300: Learning Framework The career I have chosen is early childhood education. I want to teach children in grades pre-k through 1st grade. What does it take to become a teacher? Becoming a teacher takes a lot of patience and hard work. A teacher will have to identify learning patterns of children and pay attention to the different needs the children may have. Children have different learning styles. The teacher will be trained with different techniques of how to interact with children and how to reinforce good behavior. This is a must for pre-school teachers. The children that come through the doors have never been in a structured school setting. Everything is new to the children and they will probably behave as they do at home. I have volunteered in classrooms and watched how teachers reinforce good behavior. It can be the simplest thing, but to a child it will make a world of difference. The children set in their spot and the teacher will go around and give each student a smelly stamp. A teacher will change and have an impact the way a student learns. A normal day for a teacher is a very interactive day. The teacher prepares the lessons the night before so they are ready in the morning. The teacher instructs the students on the building blocks of learning. The students will learn the alphabet, how to count, rhymes, colors and many other subjects. The teacher prepares the
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