Teaching Children Through Their Parents

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Never in my wildest dreams did I envision myself as an educator to children in a classroom. You see, my life’s purpose was to help adults live a fulfilling life by teaching them to make the best food choices, packed with micro nutrients that would enable them to enjoy health and wellness to it’s fullest. I choose to work with adults for several reasons. These adults would have already received an education and positively involved in the labor force. After all, the services I provide would be at a cost. Although I appreciate being with and around children, my purpose was never to be involved with them directly. I envisioned teaching children through their parents. The education I impart would be implemented by parents and children would naturally imitate their parents. With this plan, I would never directly ruin a child’s academic future. At the age of fifteen, I volunteered to teach the kindergarten class at a vacation bible school, only because the designated teacher did not show up was not available and the kids were left on their own. I agreed to help just one day, however, I stayed until the end. The director expressed her gratitude for my help and encouraged me to pursue a career in teaching. I listen and agreed with her, however, I knew what I wanted to do and I set off to do it, it was not teaching children. I pursued studies in Business, a continuation of my High School focus, however, I quickly realized that a career in Business was not my passion,
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