Teaching Critical Thinking Skills Through Different Strategies

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Critical thinking can be taught through various strategies within the lesson or it can be taught explicitly as a standalone lesson. Teaching critical thinking to students as a standalone lesson is as popular as reading Shakespeare plays; it just doesn’t work, you don’t get the same outcome. Hence, I will focus on teaching critical thinking skills through different strategies. Current research shows that critical thinking helps students be more successful. Critical thinking helps students make better decisions in and outside of school, and it also helps them to properly analyze and evaluate information. Recently, the Common Core State Standards have emphasized that critical thinking is an interdisciplinary skill crucial for students’ educational success and decision making beyond school years. This is especially important in today’s society, where information is readily available via internet. Students must learn to properly identify faulty information. Stephen Norris, an educational researcher, states that if students have critical thinking skills they will be able to “partake rationally in the decision making of a democratic society, thus helping to sustain a democratic way of life” (p.22). Teaching critical thinking is a very difficult task, but by using effective strategies teachers will be able to help more students succeed academically and in life. Therefore, critical thinking needs to happen every day in the classroom. In order to effectively teach critical thinking,
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