Teaching Curriculum And The Classroom

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As a teacher, it is vital to have a multicultural understanding built into curriculum and the classroom. Within my classroom, I will have presence of a few different races, ethnicities, religions, socio-economical groups, sexual orientations, age and abilities. I want to strive each and every day to make my classroom fit for all of these groups, without the favoritism of any, in order to maximize the students’ learning experience. Throughout this expectation, I demonstrate how I have a strong understanding of many cultures other than my own, and that I strive for my students to hold the same level of multicultural understanding that I do. In the spring semester of my freshman year at Indiana University, I took Introduction to the New Testament. During the very first class, my professor, Brad Storin, informed us that he refused to notify us of his whether he was a Christian or not. Professor Storin believed that if he told us whether he was a Christian or not, it would impact our attitude towards the class and the religion, giving us a preconceived opinion before we had a chance to think for ourselves. Not knowing his opinion towards Christianity allowed me to develop views of my own, with guidance from my professor and texts. As a teacher, I want to hold this same value. Although I might tell them my religious views when asked, I never want to use my relationship to pull them to what I believe. Spirituality is a very big life decision that needs to be developed and sought
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