Teaching Education And Student Teacher Relationships

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The Concept of Learning There are many methods to teaching in education and student-teacher relationships are a very important aspect in learning as well. Paulo Freire introduces us to two methods of education, the first is the banking concept where he explains that students are merely containers to fill with information and education is only for depositing methods into them without the students truly understanding what they are learning. The second method is the problem-posing method where the teachers and students are both equal in the classroom and they teach each other. This concept is aimed at challenging and testing their critical thinking. While David Bartholomae explores the concept of teachers turning students into reader-based…show more content…
These statements that he makes are very degrading to both the student and the teacher, but no matter which way he puts it the students do go to school to learn and at the end of the day that is the main goal in education. Since birth we have all been taught to do things like walk and talk without ever questioning why we need to learn these things, they are just things that we must know to live our lives. Freire argues that students are objects and that they do not truly understand what they are learning because they do not have the capability of creative learning in the classroom. According to Freire in the classroom, “The student’s records, memorizes, and repeats these phrases without perceiving what four times four really means” (257). The truth is that students go to school kindergarten through twelfth grade and learn the basics like how to read, spell, write, add numbers together, important things in history, and science explaining many things like our ecosystems. Students have been learning through the banking concept their whole lives and it has been a very effective because these subjects were needed to be taught or else people would not have the common knowledge that is needed to go about their everyday lives. The teachers are meant to hand down their knowledge to students, it works that way until a student can gain their own understanding and then they are able to move onto the next topic. With the problem-posing method Freire drives his
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