Teaching Elementary School Science Essay

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Teaching Elementary School Science

The National Science Education Standards have set the standards for teaching science. Under Program standard B the standards discuss the best ways children learn science. Program standard B states ì the program of study in the science should be developmentally appropriate, interesting and relevant to students lives: emphasize student understanding through inquiry,, and be connected with other school subjects.î This sums up what teachers need to be doing un their classrooms to teach science. The traditional textbook only and work sheet teaching of science is clearly not recommended with inquiry and hands on experiences. Standard B shows representations of methods to use not only in the teaching of
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Last, new questions arise with new problems, which need to be investigated which produce new conclusions. Then the process is repeated. The best way to discover science is with experiments. They promote interest and curiosity. The child can take what they learned and use it for future experiments and discovery. It becomes part of their schema. It is also good to have a discussion after the experiment. This way the teacher can find out what the children learned and what they do not understand.

Mrs. W. is a fourth grade science teacher in Maryland. She uses a variety of methods including hands on activities, cooperative learning, videos, field trips, and speakers to teach science. She believes that the one method that does not work very well is lecturing. She uses a variety of techniques to divide her time between hands on activities and lecturing. She tries to connect science to real life by using science articles and periodicals for children.

She believes that her role in the classroom is to help the children learn. She feels that her strong point is that she likes to learn new things. She tries to teach this to her students. She wants them to learn new things. She also feels that a teacher needs to love to work with children to be an effective teacher.

A similar approach needs to be taken when teaching middle school students. At the middle school age the students may learn better if they are given the chance to experiment and see what will happen.
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