Teaching Elementary Students With Developmental Disabilities

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Introduction In the article, “Teaching elementary students with developmental disabilities to recruit teacher attention in the general education classroom: effects on teacher praise and academic productivity”, discusses prior research that was completed on the impact of teacher praise on student achievement and behavior. Prior research has shown that by giving a student more praise and attention, greatly improves student behavior in the classroom and also have a positive impact on student achievement levels. However, with this research being conducted, researcher White, found that teacher approval comments dropped with each grade level starting in the second grade. Furthermore, comments that displayed disapproval increased grew each year. This research was backed by several other researchers that were also noted in the previous literature section. Craft poses the thought that students can only be praised for behaviors that are noticed by the teacher. Studies have gone on to examine teachers that work with students on how to receive the teacher’s attention by teaching the students how to seek approval appropriately in the classroom setting. Craft refers to this process as “recruiting responses” (Craft, Alber, & Heward, 1998). Further studies have also look at individuals with disabilities such as autism, developmental delays and mental retardation, as well as individuals in a variety of different institutions. There was data to show that recruiting from students did show
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