Teaching Engineering Related Courses With A Student Centered Approach

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I have a strong commitment to teaching engineering related courses with a student-centered approach. My training as an engineering educator, my insights as an engineering student, and my experience as an engineering practitioner contribute greatly to my ability to implement this commitment. My ultimate goals are to help tomorrow’s STEM teachers have solid conceptual understanding and procedural skills of fundamental engineering courses and provide them with the best possible educational experience both in the classrooms and laboratories. Here are some of my approaches to achieve these goals.

First, since conceptual understandings and procedural skills play important roles in many STEM courses, I adopt teaching strategies that help students improve these two types of knowledge. For instance, as engineering students are overwhelmingly visual learners, I employ different visual aids, such as computer graphics and computer simulation, to help students understand complex motions in engineering mechanics and visualize the abstract concepts. In addition, research findings show that people learn better from practice when worked examples are presented before to-be-solved problems. Therefore, instead of letting students solve a series of problems by themselves, I walk them through a couple of worked examples step-by-step with clear solutions to reduce the extraneous cognitive load placed on them.

Second, I view teaching as a process of engaging students in direct experiences…
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