Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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My major- “Teaching English as a foreign language” has always been of paramount importance for me. Although I have been practicing English for ten years, I need to be in a real English-speaking world. This would account for my success as an English teacher. Since I have specific plans to implement during the academic year, I would like to explain them in detail.
Firstly, I intend to broaden my horizons. In addition, my main aim is to conduct several researches in the most important features of the English Language and
Teaching English as a Foreign Language. These topics are among my favorite ones:
“The interesting features of euphemism in English”, “Idioms, phrasal verbs and their importance”, “Teaching techniques” and also “The role of
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There are some reasons for it, such as globalization or the popularity of the Internet, which have made English as an important subject in my country as well.
As far as the knowledge and expertise I will gain is concerned, hopefully, I am convinced that it will be beneficial in many ways for the development of my country.
Looking at the facts, for instance, almost anybody needs to communicate effectively in English at the moment. For instance, our sportsmen have to know English if they want to attend world sports competitions. Doctors need it to work together with other overseas doctors. Travelling to a different country requires tourists to know English.
Even historians need to learn English. Therefore, as Uzbekistan is developing rapidly the demand for highly skilled personnel in the field of teaching English as a foreign language will continue to be in demand.
All things considered, I firmly believe that my one- year academic non-degree study will be so fruitful. Only then, I think, to be more realistic, I can organize better English speaking clubs and that makes it possible for everybody to learn English and travel and study abroad in the future. I hopefully intend to implement what I learned to develop friendship and mutual understanding among world nations.
As far as my contributions are concerned, I firmly believe that they
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