Teaching English As A Second Language And Culture

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Teaching Philosophy; Language Development, Diversity, Education and Culture 9 Teaching English as a Second Language and Culture A Bilingualism Study Ana Miranda Texas A&M of Commerce Abstract This paper is primarily intended to present detailed examination about bilingualism and bilingual education from a teaching and student perspective. In first instance, I will deal with some of the definitions of these terms. Following this, I will introduce my interviewee and more information to complement this essay in the topics of learning English as a second language as well as how culture and other factors can affect the learning process of a student. I will also provide some of…show more content…
This teacher grew up in Virginia and graduated from a Christian University with a major in Political Science. Her dream was to one day become an attorney, however she went back to school to get a teacher certificate in History and English. While getting certified she got offered a job as an ESL teacher, not because she was certified but because she could speak “some” Spanish. After 15 years she went back to school and got an ESL teacher certification. I asked her why did she went back to school again if she was certified to teach regular English classes to students who knew English very well, she said “I loved the students, the smaller classes… and the mission of teaching those students English and about the American culture”(Interviewee). I believe that the following will explain why this person inspired me not only to learn English, but to go to college and to become a bilingual teacher myself. I asked her what her goal in teaching was, what does she want to achieve in her students? And this is what she replied; “I want their English proficiency, in reading, writing, listening and speaking to increase and progress. However to me it is much more important for them to know that they have great potential in life. I want to equip them with skills and wisdom that
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