Teaching English As A Second Language Learners

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The world is becoming more globally diverse with inventions like the internet enabling communication all across the global in mere seconds. With new interpreting apps even being in a foreign country no longer has a language barrier for tourist encouraging more travel. Schools across the United States are reflecting this trend as teachers are more likely to encounter students who know more than one language or who are learning English as a second language. Having students who are English second language learners (ESL) in the classroom changes the learning environment as different teaching techniques are used. In some subjects like math these teaching techniques can change in a minute ways from how the teacher would normally teach making it inconspicuous. Yet in subjects such as writing the whole process in teaching drastically alters as teacher have to new knowledge barriers to overcome with ESL students. These changes in way teachers teach writing caused by ESL students can benefit all students especially in elementary school in comprehending writing skills. In having ESL students in the classroom there is a greater emphasis on the manner on how teachers grade written assignments. The ESL curriculum stresses the use of feedback primarily in written assignments to identify knowledge gap being shown in students work. Ken Hyland and Fiona Hyland in their paper published in The Modern Language Journal articulated how “feedback offers second language writers the
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