Teaching English For Young Learner

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After going through the program of Teaching English to Young Learner (TEYL) course for one semester, I could realize that I have been acquiring positive inputs for my self-development. Those inputs are mostly obtained from the way the lecturer set up the learning activities and from the learning materials including journal articles and any reading materials, uncovering the concept and the issues on the practice of TEYL in Indonesia. Given those inputs during the course period, the improvement takes place on my knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind.
In terms of knowledge, I gain more confidence in my declarative knowledge about the characteristics of children, the principles of their development and the way they learn language especially in learning English as Foreign Language. Besides, after reading some journal articles, I realize that actually the practice of TEYL in Indonesia is quite problematic. The problems encompass the case of decentralization causing mismatch between the need for English education with the provision of academically qualified teachers, the lack of three conditions for learning language namely exposure, engagement, and support, to the issue on ever-changing curriculum.
Exposed to various issues on English education for young learners in Indonesia, TEYL course has helped me build and develop the habit of critical by seeing those issues from multi perspectives and think of possible ways to solve them all. To be honest, before enrolling in…
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