Teaching Fellow And A Medical School Examiner

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I am a clinical teaching fellow and a medical school examiner. My role involves giving tutorials and lectures to third, fourth and fifth year medical students that are posted to our hospital. Some of the tutorials are at the bedside and could be during or after ward rounds. Because of these teaching activities, I have frequent interactions with them. When the third year students started their rotation, I was asked by the medical school to conduct formative clinical assessments for these medical students. The aim of the assessment was to determine what learning deficiencies the student has, where they need to focus on and what support they will need from the academic fellows.
The students were given the timetable for the exams and all they were required to do was to meet me on the ward with their assessment forms, which I was to fill out and return to the medical school. The exam was to run over 3 days. I was required to find suitable patients and get their consent prior to the arrival of the students on the ward. Each student was to have one formative assessment session. The students had had teaching on history taking and examination of all the body systems. They were therefore, expected to be able to take a history and examine any patient that I allocated to them.
I had already conducted the assessment for 2 days, when, on the 3rd day, a student that I will call John came to meet me and told me what particular cases he would like me to find for his…
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