Teaching Goals, Track Student Progress, And Celebrate Success? Essay

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Introduction Classrooms are unique in style, student backgrounds, learning environment, content, and skills. How can an educational system aligned all the differences in classrooms into one set of instructions and be successful in the learning process? Marzano (2007) states, “the one factor that surfaced as the single most influential component of an effective school is the individual teachers within that school” (p.1). The strategies listed by Marzano (2007) are the commonality needed for a well-articulated curriculum. Since some of the suggested instructional methods are only qualitative, and evaluation should also be quantitative, the decision of using these teaching strategies for this purpose defies my understanding, However, I can see how administrators could use this mandatory evaluation system to enforce good, effective, and student focus strategies in every classroom.
What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success? During my nine years as an educator, I have never been so involved in the creating and use of learning goals and scales that student could use from the beginning to the end of each lesson. Since I started working in Florida, I have been using Robert Marzano’s goals set for student learning (Marzano, 2007). My learning goals are a mini lesson were students can understand what they need to learn. Students track their own learning by using the scales as check mark list of what they
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