Teaching Health Care Students About Disability Within A Cultural Competency Context

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People with disabilities are often treated differently, even in health care settings, than people without disabilities. These differences come in several forms, including communication, coverage, and quality of care. It is important to instill positive, equal ways to interact with disabled patients early in health care students. Educators in various health care disciplines are advocating for a curricula to better serve disabled patients because currently there are major disconnects between the disabled patients and the health care providers. These providers should be better equip to deal with persons who have varying disabilities, as well as making the disabled person feel welcomed and cared about instead of creating a feeling of a barrier. By doing this, the students can better understand how the disabled person experiences daily life, and can provide care accordingly. The main purpose of the assigned paper, “Teaching Health Care Students About Disability Within a Cultural Competency Context”, is to inform the readers that cultural competency can influence health education in a positive way. It can address the complexity of the culture of disability. Disability culture is not a by-the-book study like many medical students treat their health care education. Different approaches to the education and interaction processes, as well as challenging established social beliefs, are discussed in this paper. Disability, as quoted in the text, is defined as, “difficulty
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