Teaching Hospital Case

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POINT OF VIEW The group will take the view of the provost. The provost being the head of both the medical school and teaching hospital is the most influential person and is in the best position to initiate decisions in solving the gap and inconsistencies between the two institutions. The case also indicated that the top management is the only one common among the two institutions so to address the problem occurring among the medical school and the hospital. The events that have transcribed in the renal unit should have been prevented also if the problem have already been addressed by the top management in the first place. Why not the executive committee? It is because their scope is only the medical school. We are looking…show more content…
Physicians did not get along well with hospital administrators. Hospital personnel complained that the physicians were prima donnas. Medical personnel complained that the hospital personnel were not doing their jobs well.

The Renal Unit under Dr. Uric

The Renal Unit of the Teaching Hospital was different from the other units. It was a cheerful place where the staff maintained high morale and this was sincerely appreciated by the patients and their families.

It was headed by Dr. Robert Uric, a tenured faculty member, who shared his grant monies with the hospital employees, and treated the unit like a home and took care of it. He was very popular with the students and house staff. Although, there were peculiar stories about him and that he was too involved with his patients. The Teaching Hospital faculty didn’t take him so seriously.

The Renal
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