Teaching Is A Challenging Profession

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Teaching is a challenging profession because we are responsible for teaching students our content areas but also we must teach them how to learn. Once such challenge comes in the form of note taking. This is a learned skill and one that most students are unable to just figure out on their own. Students must be guided in note taking best practices. Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey (2004) remind teachers, “students must learn to focus on the important phrases, selecting on the key words that carry the meaning, even if some of the details are not yet scripted. This practice is also essential to good notetaking because one cannot write down everything one hears.” (p 104)
I chuckled reading this quote because it is absolutely true. Students seem to fall into one spectrum or another- they either want to write down everything or choose to write down nothing. Teaching students note taking techniques is a skill that will serve them well as they move through school, into higher education, or perhaps even in their jobs. I am cautious about the idea of forcing students to all taking notes in the same manner utilizing only one technique, such as Cornell. While this can be effective, students have multiple intelligences and what works for one student may not work for another. As such, I think students should be taught several methods and should be allowed to choose one method that works best for them.
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