Teaching Is A Collaborative Process And Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills Essay

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Curtis and Carter believe teaching is a collaborative process with a purpose in which teachers reflect their own philosophies and practices while facilitating children’s learning. Teachers could share ideas and learn from each other. Early childhood educators learn to use the children’s strengths to create a positive classroom. There are many teaching technique help educators create a new positive experiences for children and their families. An effective teaching style and student participation in the learning process and help students develop critical thinking skills. Traditional teaching style has evolved with the introduction of differentiated instruction, prompting teachers to adjust their style to the learning needs of students. Three new ideas from the book that I am interesting are in chapter 2. My job is working with families and building a positive relationship with the whole family. Connecting with the families is very important. Curtis and Carter suggest that “Providers and teachers with relationship at the center of their thinking create an embracing social emotional climate where people are seen, heard, and acknowledged for whom they are”, (Curtis & Carter, 2008, p. 24). Instead of busy with paperwork, staffs should welcome families and connect with the families at their first encounter. This is an opportunity for parents get to meet staffs and learn about the program. Parents want to know if they will be welcome and if staffs will value their difference.
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