Teaching Is A Profession Not A Trade Essay

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3- Speak about the roles adopted by the teacher in classrooms. What other roles does the teacher play in the community? Teaching is a profession not a trade. Teachers play major roles in influencing students ' lives inside and outside their classrooms. They are the backbone of the educational systems that have a high esteem for teachers and their roles in society. They have the future of the country in their hands. Here, we are going to discuss their roles that vary between controller and facilitator inside the class room. Most of these roles are: controller, assessor, organizer, prompter, participant, resource, coach, and investigator. At the end we are going to discuss the teachers ' roles in the community. 1. The Controller: One of the most important roles that the teacher plays is being a controller. He is the person who is responsible for the class. Students ' attention is drawn to him. He controls the activities inside the classroom. He controls the time when the students perform any task. He controls the class so that all students can have equal chances inside the class. In addition, the teacher 's control during the production stage leads his students to produce the target item of language. However, this role shouldn’t be adopted all the time because the teacher spends most of the time in talking and the students should have the chance to express themselves in the target language effectively. 2. The Assessor: Being an assessor is another

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