Teaching Is An Essential Part Of Me

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Like many others from my graduating class, I left college and headed for the fast track world of law and finance. After two years crunching numbers, juggling real estate projects and emerging from Black Monday in October 1987 relatively unscathed, I realized I hated my job. Landing a teaching position at Fessenden School became a watershed event in my life. Looking back over the past years, I fully realize that teaching is an essential part of me. Michael Thompson, once said, "There are some teachers who are effective and know why, others who aren 't effective and don 't know why, and a third are effective, but aren 't quite sure why." After five years at Fessenden, I felt like the latter. Therefore, I decided to attend graduate school in order to become a more effective educator. Theory, practicum, and research aside, graduate school was an epiphany for me. It confirmed in me that leading a school was more than a choice; it was a calling.

One fall, I sat in a crowded auditorium about to begin another year teaching when the words of the school head, Tom Hudnut, rang deep. His charge to the faculty was simple. “Be great teachers!” Be like the loon 's voice on a summer night. Be that great teacher whose memory and instruction reach into the heart and soul of those you teach. Born and raised in the private school world, I learned from many great teachers. However, none figure so prominently as my middle school teachers: Jim Gardner, Arnold Klingenberg, Jim…
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