Teaching Is An Interesting Profession

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For me teaching is an interesting profession. It makes me feel good. My thoughts regarding teaching were the same before I started working, so I did not experience any disappointment. In short teaching profession is joyful and instructive (English Teacher/6 years, Female).

After undergraduate education, I thought that I could do everything and I would be a good teacher. When I began my career, sometimes I could not deliver the topic properly. I did not know how to provide knowledge to students! (English, 7 years, F)

During the first two years, I was inexperienced. I knew the topics but I do not know how to teach them. In fact, teaching is like a continuing learning process. The level of students is not the same. Some of them
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Novice teachers in this study claim that they experienced some challenges about classroom management and how to teach students. Similar results can also be seen in related research. Classroom management is an area that new teachers may experience problems with in the classroom, which also interferes with timing and planning, and may lead to other problems (Ryan, 1970, p.177).

Third question was how did you overcome these challenges? Is there any situation that has positive impact on you in those years? What are they?
The responses of participants indicated that student achievement particularly is an important factor which influences novice teachers positively. Several quotes of novice teachers’ responses are the following:

Honestly speaking there is no one who will help you the way you want. This is the only you who can find a way of avoiding all those obstacles. When I faced some problems regarding classroom management and teaching methods, I took help from my senior lead teachers and that helped me a lot to overcome my shortcomings. Gradually I felt confident and now see I am in this position. (English T/5, f)

When I see student achievement, I become very motivated. Or if someone gives positive feedback regarding my teaching, I become motivated ( English T/6 .F).

Desire to teach, Positive student feedbacks, Positive relationship with
Students. (English T/7, M).

I have learnt to be patient and calm. I have also learnt understanding my students and their thoughts.
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