Teaching Is Both An Art And A Science

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Teaching is both an art and a science. We see some consistent theme amongst all successful teachers, yet no two teachers are exactly alike. The best teachers are successful classroom managers and gifted at inspiring students. They are intentional about what happens in their classroom and have well-established routines. Two such award-winning teachers reside at the same school, but they both have very different classroom styles and reaching approaches. In Health, Mrs. B is a seasoned teacher and has been with the district for 15 years. As required by the schools administration, Mrs. B took role immediately following the tardy bell. This process did not take long and students entered the class and took their seats. It was evident that routines had been established and students chatted quietly during role. The students were introduced to a new topic through a lecture, which was supported by a power point. The power points were simple, easy to read, and a great addition to the lecture. Students were instructed to take Cornell notes during the lecture, but were informed that they would not be required to turn in these notes. Nearly all students appeared to be taking diligent notes throughout the lecture. Additionally, I did not see a single student pull out their phone during the lecture. I would not have classified the lecture as overly fascinating and the teacher was not very animated, but students were very engaged and respectful throughout the 10-15 minutes
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