Teaching Is The Easiest Job

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Teaching is one of the most well known careers known to man; it has existed for centuries and probably has existed since the beginning of humanity. Thus, many may think it is very simple to get in front of a group (class) and lecture about a certain topic. When in actuality it is not, it is very complicated having to get up in front of a class especially if you’re a shy person not used to the concept of talking in front of a large group of people; I have faced a similar challenge, and steadily overcoming the fears associated with teaching. Over the summer I worked with students at a local school called Hanley International Academy, I taught ladies that were older than me, and are ESL; I honestly thought it was the easiest job ever prior to starting. However, I started to understand that teaching needs time and explaining within the time I worked I took everything serious. Before beginning any teaching, I had to assist each student’s ability to understand English. Then, I started off with very simple assignments. When teaching ESL students the first step is to explain what the alphabet, how much are letters are in the alphabets, and how to use them. Then you have to teach them how to write them when they have understood how to read and write then you must move on to the next concept. That doesn’t mean to forget about it completely. Next, you say the alphabets and let them read after you until they have pronounced it perfectly. Then start with the next step I made
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