Teaching / Learning Strategies For Learning

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When knowing different strategies for learning, the student feels confident to explore, and mistakes most likely are to be minimized and engagement increased. Lessons and activities that enhance and support learning are teaching /learning strategies that when cooperatively done contributes to a lifelong learning/knowledge. Students ' skills activities allow me to provide feedback that can be shared and/or discussed by the whole class increasing learning. Opportunities lead to sharing that leads to learning. By literally teaching the vocabulary/material learned in the classroom I increased my ELLs understanding on the subject being taught and gave to all my students the opportunity to grow into the new material. Group activities help with gathering the knowledge to learn the content given. These strategies help students to be more explicit as well as instigate participation. The students were using the knowledge acquired in the classroom in order to perform the football skills. Hands on activities (very helpful when teaching ELLs and LEPs) is a fundamental tool, especially in Physical Education classes, to promote and enhance students learning. It also engages ELL and LEP students into the activity easily because it is a very visual activity that clarifies, engages, and promotes learning. When performing the skills in groups, students had the opportunity to assess their own knowledge of the material given. When throwing and catching a football, they were able to perform the
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