Teaching Literacy Strategies For Developing Literacy

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Literacy instruction should provide students with a variety of opportunities to read, write, listen, and speak. Getting to know my students is extremely important to me because I believe students’ interests need to be considered when developing literacy lessons. It also helps when choosing books to read aloud to the class and when choosing books for the class library. I believe in scaffolding my lessons and using the different strategies that we learned about in class. I will use many of the strategies that I learned about in class from my peers. The strategy that is chosen depends on what students need to learn. For example, if we are studying characters’ motivation and characteristics, I would choose the Open Mind Portrait. If we are studying a nonfiction book about bugs, I might choose to introduce a KWL chart. I believe that literacy instruction does not have to remain in its own world. Literacy instruction can occur across all content areas. Teaching students literacy strategies when studying science for example can help students in both science and literature. Students can benefit from learning how to read text features in their science textbook to help them learn in a meaningful way. I believe that instructing students with resources that they are already have is more effective then teaching them with a worksheet or lecturing about the topic only. Writing can also be implemented in all subject areas. The skills students learn during the writing block can be
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