Teaching Methods Can Affect Young Children 's Initiative

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Waikato With a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and three years’ work experience in one of the top corporations in China, China Southern Power Grid, I have developed my knowledge and skills in engineering, mathematics, rational thinking and cooperation. Even though I am gaining ground on my engineer career path, my aspiration to teach young children is becoming increasingly stronger. Having seen many children’s unwillingness to study, I am acutely aware of how teaching methods can affect young children’s initiative. Some pupils have positive attitudes towards study, whereas others have an aversion to learning from a young age. Having enjoyed learning since I was a toddler, I am eager to share my passion for gaining knowledge with the younger generation. With my educational and vocational background in engineering, as well as knowledge in music, arts and literature, I would very much like to combine my knowledge and skills to nurture children’s curiosity and develop their full potential. Extra-curricular activities had enriched my life and I believe that my enthusiasm for different subjects would help me to deliver fun and lively classes to young minds. As a singer of the singing club in my university, I sang in ceremonies and for charity campaigns. I was also a member of the student union in charge of poster design on campus. These experiences not only developed my talents in music and art, but also enhanced my interpersonal skills. Rather than being a maverick, I had
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