Teaching Methods For Students With Learning Difficulties

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Educators continue to debate which instructional method is the most effective for students with learning difficulties in regular classrooms. Despite the continued deliberation over which teaching method is best suited to the teaching of mathematics to students with learning difficulties, explicit teaching has overwhelming come out on top. According to mathematic intervention research explicit instruction is one of the most effective instructional approaches. This paper will put forward the arguments supporting explicit instruction and why it is a far superior teaching method than discovery learning for students with learning difficulties in mathematics. These include but are not limited to the issue of misconceptions, retained knowledge, accuracy applying concepts, cognitive level of development and the extensive research indicating explicit teaching as the preferred method.
Instructional choice is a fundamental area of teaching students with learning difficulties that needs consideration. It should be explicit. Nothing left to chance. Effective teaching practices are those which provide all students with maximum opportunities to learn. The term ‘learning difficulties’ is a general one used widely and without much precision. Usually, the term applies to approximately 10 to 16% of the school population and refers to those students who have general problems in learning (DETYA, 2000). Students with learning disability display inadequacies in cognitive processes that have…
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