Teaching Methods and Student Achievent

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Introduction There are many views on how to educate children of the 21st century. Today’s education world is focused on student achievement based on standardized test scores. Each year, teachers, districts, and states participate in state testing which shows progress toward a common goal per state, proficiency in academic core content. However, these standardized tests vary from state to state and examined at the national level. Therefore, the level of accuracy cannot be determined as to which states, school districts, and school sites are making great strides to close the achievement gap. Effective teachers are closing the gap by using a variety of strategies and methods in the classroom. Statement of the Problem Since the adoption of the No Child Left Behind laws of 2002 states, school districts, and teachers have been on a mission to find ways to make instruction and learning meaningful to students while meeting the goals set forth by the national and state legislatures while closing the achievement gap and making sure students are successful. Over the years, many new trends as to how to close the achievement gap have flourished. With these trends come numerous amounts of research proving why a particular new teaching methodology is going to work over another; states, school districts, and school sites are at the mercy of these trends to help close the gap to meet the national educational goal of all students must be successful in school. The notion NCLB brings

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