Teaching Middle and High School Students Literature

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Teacher and Author: Teaching Middle and High School Using Literature Sandra Coleman Grand Canyon University RGD 545 Professor Karen Foster February 27, 2008 Teaching Middle and High School Student Using Literature Outline: I. Short Stories a) Activating Prior Knowledge b) Responding to the Selection c) Short Story Selections 1. Suggested Activities to use with Various Groups II. Oral Tradition Literature – Tall Tales and Folktales a) Analyze characteristics and plots of Folktales and Tall Tales b) Understanding Hyperbole c) Writing a Tall Tale…show more content…
An educator needs to build upon the students' knowledge by giving some background information on the topic or title. Building background knowledge is the act of providing information or experiences to the students prior to reading the story. Suggested Activities for Activating Prior Knowledge: role – playing, semantic mapping, read-aloud a related story, information sharing, drawing of illustrations, and diagramming. Ask students; “who has experienced the issue presented in the upcoming story?” Allow volunteers to share verbally or in writing their experiences and how they felt or feel about the specific issue. Finally, explain to the students what the upcoming story will be about. Building background and prior knowledge helps the students to make personal connections with the story prior to reading it. Responding to the Selection: Short Stories: Invite students to share their ideas and thoughts about the selection. To encourage student responses, the following questions may be asked: Where and when does the story take place? What is your impression of the characters? What are the problems that exist in the story? What message (theme) is the author trying to communicate to the readers? What relationships exist among the characters? From whose point of view is the story being told? How are the problems resolved? And, how does the story conclude? Asking questions
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