Teaching Moral Values in Schools

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Teaching Moral Values in Schools Introduction Pornography! Premarital sex! Lying! Cheating! Drugs! Shoplifting! Stealing! High school pregnancies! What is wrong with all these things? Based on the values that are being taught in most schools to today’s children, nothing. Many teachers believe that students involved in these activities are just making bad choices out of the many choices they have. How can children know that George Washington was the father of their country but cannot tell the difference between right and wrong? A large percentage of schools used to teach about values such as integrity, respect of others, honesty, obedience, and responsibility. Today many teachers teach that anything that is considered acceptable is all…show more content…
Chicago recognized this school for character education and academic excellence (Lickona, 1997). In a lecture given to The Georgia Humanities Council, Thomas Lickona said, “Character education… is the deliberate effort to teach virtue. It’s not letting kids decide for themselves what’s right and wrong, rather the school stands for virtues and promotes them explicitly at every turn” (Lickona, 1997, para. 8). Thomas Lickona then goes on to say, “It’s not just talk, thinking and discussing are important, but the bottom line is behavior. Actions… are the ultimate measure of our character” (Lickona, 1997, para. 8). Character education may be a class by itself but everyday it is more of a continuous school-wide effort at this Chicago school to produce behaviors such as trust, determination, respect, and kindness. Teaching moral values has changed the children of these Chicago and California schools but this is only the beginning of a nationwide effort. There is a very small community in New Jersey that teaches these concepts at all their schools. They implemented the Community Action Reaching Everyone (CARE) program (Fisher, 1998). The mission statement for CARE: “… is a community-based organization committed to support the nurturing of shared values and positive means for

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