Teaching New Skills And Methods Essay

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It is the training that is planned and structured and that takes place mainly at the normal workstation of the trainee and where managers and trainers spend significant time with trainee to teach a set of skills that have been specified in advance.
On the –job –training includes mentoring and coaching, learning by doing, shadowing and job rotation, e-learning, and apprenticeship.
Mentoring and coaching: mentoring is when an experienced employee takes charge of the training and development of a new employee. The mentor acts as an adviser and protector to the trainee. Coaching in another hand is when a manager takes an active role in guiding another manager. The coach gives guidance through direction, advice, criticism, and suggestion in an attempt to aid growth of the employee.
Learning by doing: this is aver popular way of teaching new skills and methods to employees. Learning by doing often happens under the supervision as part of a training or induction orientation process, and is closely associated with the practical experience of carrying out a task.
Shadowing and job rotation: shadowing aims to give trainee managers a feel for organization by providing experience of working in different department, whilst the job rotation or switching roles help relieve boredom and thereby raise important because it fits the HRM team working and empowerment.
E-Learning: is an informational and learning exchange environment to facilitate learning for employees whenever they need it,
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