Teaching Of A Differentiated Classroom Essay

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Classrooms today are diverse, have issues that were not previously present, and more is demanded of teachers than ever before. The readings in chapter six of Differentiated Instructional Management (Chapman and King, 2008), stuck me that many of the presented plans are intertwined with each other. I will explain three areas of planning in a differentiated classroom. I will not only discuss the areas of planning, but also speak about how I will incorporate and use the information in my teaching. Over many years, the world has become more diverse with people moving everywhere. This diversity is also reflected in our classrooms. Due to our local economy, people are moving from other countries and continents to our community, and we are fortunate to have students from Mexico, China, and India. In today 's classroom, this opportunity to learn about other places also presents obstacles such as language barriers, and cultural misunderstandings. It is important for teachers to have a better understanding of their students. Some ways to circumvent the ignoring or glossing over of language and culture is to regularly incorporate language development activities that further oral, written, and listening skills in both new and current languages. Teachers must be sensitive to how children learn a second language and that confusion and a mixing of new and old language is a common phase. There are ways to negotiate successfully not only for foreign students, but also for all students.
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