Teaching Our Young Children Math And Science

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When it comes to teaching our young children math and science, they rely on concepts which are the building blocks of learning. Concepts begin in infancy so children manipulate concrete materials in every situation. They collect data, process that data and find ways to expose of that data. Young children are naturally mathematicians and scientists, learning vast amounts of information daily, as they explore the world by playing and moving around in their bodies. Play activities provide our children with the ability to learn concepts. Child’s play is revealed to be excellent unconscious preparation for future education in mathematics and natural sciences. The infants begin to perceive the world and eventually to track the movements of activity in their everyday surroundings. This is when physical movement begins. The child becomes aware of his limbs, and this starts the process of the child grabbing things and kicking his legs, feeling and finding things to put in his mouth. The child is exploring his surroundings. I learned that babies and toddlers can learn math by placing items that match or go together and letting them figure out which items go together to help develop her early reasoning skills, placing different colored balls in the tub during bath time and watch he toddler pick up the same colored balls, while waiting for your food at a restaurant open the menu and let the toddler find vegetable groups or breads etc. I have learned from a friend of mine (Mrs.
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