Teaching Perspectives Inventory ( Tpi ) Essay

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Completing the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) made me curious and a little unsettled, is this a useful tool for reflecting on my teaching. My first question on viewing my results was how did I end up here, with this label. One’s dominate perspective is the resulting cocktail of years of being a learner, in a variety of domestic, academic or community settings, involving responding, reacting and observing ones teachers. Pratt DD (Ed) (1997) Blended with personal choices, intentions, beliefs, which have been reflected and refined. Then viewed through a “lens we look through, rather than look at “ (Pratt et al 1998). So I doubt I was fully aware of the impact of our teaching bias. What happens if I don’t like the results, and more importantly what if I discover I don’t like the teacher I am. Time to calm down, I was not at all surprised that my most dominant perspective was nurturing, with apprenticeship and, developmental being my back up perspectives. Transmission followed and social reform ranked as recessive. My overall scores fall in the mid thirties, with nurturing just tipping into the forties, which also recorded the highest internal consistency. In contrast, the other sub-scores revealed discrepancies between my beliefs, intentions and actions. Action scores were equal and very high in the three highest scoring perspectives. Whereas, iintentions scores were variable, and belief scores ranked the lowest across all TPI’s. which the authors (Pratt and

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