Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy of Education, is the exploration for the meaning of life. My personal philosophical views of education, is the love of teaching and learning. To serve as an mentor, confidant, instructor and to provide guidance in the area of education. To teach the younger generation that education can give great lifelong rewards.

I hope to learn and expand my wisdom surrounding the aspect of education, through research, assignments and field experience. I plan to mold minds and encourage students, to better influence and instill within them that they are unique and special. During my career, students will be nurtured and supported, to grow and be the best possible adults that they can be. As an
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Essentialism is developed through testing and to follow directions in a timely manner, and to conduct themselves in a well behaved manner, in order to better prepare them for the future. I plan to conduct easy readings for test this would help and encourage students, that learning to read is a good to for success. I hope to give each individual student my attention. During the essential phase subject areas will be explored in-depth and taught in a separate manner.

My classroom will consist of colorful and stimulating bulletin boards to encourage the thought process. Students will feel secure and safe rules will be set within the first week of class and enforced through out the school year. Students will be expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Misbehavior will be dealt with in an assertive manner, although if students behave accordingly to classroom rules. The class will have positive rewards and many verbal praises.

The seating will be arranged in an authoritarian fashion, in order to set rules. As the students and I, become more familiar with one another, and students act according to the rules set. The seating arrangement will be placed in a non-authoritarian fashion.

As assignments and projects will be given, if funds from the government will not suffice for the classroom projects, I will try my best to assist the class. This
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