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Teaching Philosophy As a teacher I have a great responsibility and will strive to have a positive impact in each one of my students’ lives, inside and outside of the classroom. As an educator I believe that I will play many roles-a facilitator, a mentor, and a friend. With these functions I will contribute to helping my students deal with the daily obstacles that they may face throughout their lives, academically and socially. There are some students that do not have a support system within their home, therefore as a teacher I may have to fill that void and act as their sole advocate in developing their meaningful purpose in life. I will treat each student as if they were my own children by respecting, teaching, and caring about…show more content…
Each student has a different learning style and as a teacher I have to incorporate a mixture of resources to engage all of my learners. I will use a variety of authentic materials and tools to meet the needs of the diverse students. Such items will include the use of songs, movies, pictures, newspapers, magazines, literature and games to attract their attention. Through these tools I will be able to present the subject matter in a unique way, thus allowing my student to learn the lesson in the manner that suits them best. Using visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities will enrich the lessons in a tremendous way. Having the students actually do something with the information presented to them will allow them to retain the information best. An additional function that a teacher holds is that of a facilitator, where the students are the center of the learning experience. As a teacher I must encourage the development of independent thinking that will assist them throughout their educational careers and for the rest of their lives. These future scholars will acquire this through class discussions, in which each individual will be allowed to express their own opinion and receive feedback concerning specific concepts that relate to the Spanish culture. This type of method not only teaches students to speak independently but also allows them to learn to respect others’ opinions and beliefs. Another learning
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