Teaching Philosophy : My Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy:
Lauren Gross
EDUC 120
Learn to Teach, Learn to Learn. / Use the past to teach the future ( That is my philosophy)
Theory helps teachers think about what we experience and furthermore to teach and learn about how we, as educators, learn. Teachers should be supportive and cooperative, teachers should play the role of a friend, but also stealthily act in the role of advisor or guide for students. Teachers should live by existing educational theories, but also be able to create theories of their own. As captains of the classroom, teachers truly have an ability to see a student in all of his or hers walks of life. A teacher can see what a student is capable of by way of independent or group work and the progression students make over a certain period of time. Teachers and theories stand as tools for understanding, and can serve as a lens for viewing the world and making sense of it. Theories of children’s play provide diverse lenses shaped by the many disciplines that have contributed to our knowledge of play (Sutton-Smith, 1997, 1999/ Frost).
Many theories about children’s play can be described in terms of rhetoric of progress, How a student is perceived is often wrongly based on a teacher’s bias or a small lens or section within that students total educational experience. A student’s image is based on factors that that student has outside influences. Anything from a student’s work ethic or behavior is often forced upon them and also is often is reflected…
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