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Teaching Philosophy Statement Do you have a philosophy on education? I do. What I want to discuss is my personal view of education. I’m going to talk about the nature of students. I am going to talk about the nature of knowledge and whether or not it is absolute or relative. The purpose of education, the method, and the curriculum will be discussed also. We are going to look at some of my philosophical views on education and my professional development plans. When I am through you will have my philosophy of education paper. First we will look at my view on the nature of students. Like Rousseau, I believe that students are influenced by their environment. Children indeed imitate what they see or…show more content…
They should learn the knowledge to make good decisions and contribute back to the society that supports them. Education is important; without it we cannot succeed. With and education we are better prepared to face the world and live more productive lives. Education contributes to society. Teachers pass on the knowledge. I hope to accomplish many things as a teacher. I would like to be thought of as a respectable and fair teacher. I want to get through to my students. They should be given the knowledge to go on to the next level and succeed. It is important that I do my part in building their education. The only thing I expect my students to accomplish in my classroom is their best. If they do the best that they can, they will be fine. Not every student is going to be a genius but hopefully all of them will find their place in society. I would love to see all to them get good grades but effort and heart mean more then a letter. Ultimately, I would like for them to learn the material to the best of their ability and to be able to apply it outside the classroom. The methods of teaching are important. I would be sure to treat each student equally. It is only right to treat every student fairly. Never would I harm a student. Nor would I yell at one. Rousseau was against it as well. Although I would be teaching many students, I would not put too much on them. My main objective in the classroom is to entertain while I

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